Bali is Still World’s Best Island to Visit


Bali is a magical island. The island can spoil all the holidaymakers in its own right. All the places are worth a visit, from the historical sites, revered and religious sites, entertainment centers, shopping arcades, inhabited animals’ sanctuaries, sunsets, beaches, marine world, to the children parks. Bali Island is also is away from all the bustles of metropolitan cities. For many travelers, Bali is said awesome as it can fulfill any reason anyone goes away for. Bali is a part of the Indonesian archipelago; one of 18,700 islands located 8°C south of the equator, which is mainly populated by Balinese Hindu.

As an award-wining island, Bali shows colorful traditions and cultures that won’t be found elsewhere. The world recognizes Bali for its unique religion, culture, and the people that make the island still a retreat of harmony and peace. The island is heaven for clubbers, surfers, shoppers, backpackers, jet set communities, as well as adventurers. If you want to see the mystical temples, rustic villages, revered volcanoes, or the most phenomenal beaches, then come and enjoy Bali. The party goers will be also pleased when going to Bali. Every night is a party time where everyone dresses up wearing their best outfits to match the dress codes.

There are countless options of accommodation apart from hotels. High end private villas are now mushrooming around the island. The rise of these properties is inseparable with the rise of travelers looking for something private and secluded, places with the resort-like feel, with the privacy of private home but with facilities like five star hotels. These private villas can be found almost in all areas in Bali, Ubud, Seminyak, Jimbaran, and more… The beachside villas commonly found in Canggu, Uluwatu, or Nusa Dua. All of these will give the holidaymakers an array of choices, whatever level of luxury, budget, and service they would require.

Bali’s nightlife remains a magnet for both domestic and international party goers. The countless clubs, restaurants, cafes, and pubs are found all along Legian’s main street. DJ circuits are parts of colorful Bali’s nightlife, along with beachside bars. Kuta and Seminyak are also the favorite of the travelers looking for ultimate entertainment, leisure, and amusement. The foods, the music, the view, and the people will be always pleasant. In Bali you can be sure that everything is going to be perfect and worth a price. For many people, there is no price is too high when it comes to entertainment in the island of paradise.

Water sports include surfing, diving, and snorkeling are also worth trying in Bali. Sanur and Tanjung Benoa are spots to start your exciting marine journey. For surfers and divers, Bali is a slice of heaven. Most of all, surfing beaches are everywhere, from Canggu, Lalang Linggih, Medewi, Uluwatu, Paclang-paclang, to Nusa Lembongan. Tulamben and Manggis are two awesome spots for diving. Get ready, wear your sunscreen and sun-block, explore the tracks you have not been before. But don’t roam just alone; explore Bali with the expert who knows well the local situation so that you can also peek another unique sites in the island.

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